Unite for Enterprise 2.0 & Unite 4.0.2 are now available

Get them at bzgapps.com/unite

Hello again everybody!

I’ve got two exciting updates to share today. Firstly, we have completely redone our enterprise backend to work with the new features and functionality of Unite 4, and today we are beginning orders with Unite for Enterprise 2.0. Unite for Enterprise has two primary functions:

1) Allows organizations to distribute custom Unite apps within their organizations of third party services (for example, a custom Salesforce app that can be easily distributed to all employees)

2) Allow organizations to distribute their own site or service as an app quickly and easily for macOS. These apps can be completely white-labeled and, in my biased opinion, are a far better option than something like an Electron app (and also much cheaper!)

If you are interested in a Unite for Enterprise app, please write us directly at bzg@bzgapps.com

We are also today launching Unite 4.0.2, a pretty significant update with a few brand new features and many fixes.

Unite 4.0.2 is now available via in-app update, from Setapp, and from bzgapps.com/downloads. Below, we will detail the changes.

If you aren’t a Unite customer or haven’t tried it, there’s a free trial available here. Users of Unite 3, Coherence X, and Aerate can still upgrade at a discounted rate for a limited time.

Also, please feel free to comment, like, and discuss using the buttons at the bottom left of the end of the message.

What’s new in Unite 4.0.2:

Added a new feature that allows you to always open your apps primary URL in a newly created tab

This has been requested for some time. Whenever you’ve opened a new tab in Unite historically, you’ve been presented with an empty white screen until you type in a URL. Now, you can set your Unite app to automatically load the apps primary URL on each new tab load.

This setting can be found in Preferences -> Behavior

Updated backend for Unite Enterprise 2.0. If you wish to distribute Unite apps, you can contact us directly for more info.

See above

Fixed a bug where whitelisted tabs would always open in the background

In Unite 4.0.1, there was a bug where any non-whitelisted link would open in the background regardless of your preferences. Now, if your behavior is set to open new links in the foreground, they should open in the foreground.

Updated 'Big Sur' app icon style radius

Deep-linking support

Unite now supports deep links, allowing sites to launch applications on your computer. The most common example of this: clicking Zoom links should now open the zoom meeting in the zoom app.

Fixed a bug where the window height would adjust each time the toolbar was toggled

Various other fixes

Thank you!