Unite 4.0.1 is now available

Get it at bzgapps.com/unite

Hello there!

I am trying something new here that I hope BZG customers will like. This is a new, separate email list from our product communications, where we will attempt to send a message detailing our new updates for any of our apps. These communications should not be terribly frequent (if there are two updates close to each other I will try to bundle them), and I hope will be informative. If you unsubscribe from this list, you will still receive product communications and vice versa.

Today, I am excited to share that Unite 4.0.1 is now available via in-app update, from Setapp, and from bzgapps.com/downloads. Below, we will detail the changes.

If you aren’t a Unite customer or haven’t tried it, there’s a free trial available here. Users of Unite 3, Coherence X, and Aerate can still upgrade at a discounted rate for a limited time.

Also, please feel free to comment, like, and discuss using the buttons at the bottom left of the end of the message.

What’s new in Unite 4.0.1:

Fixed a bug where 'open links in background' would always be checked. Now off by default

The new ‘open links in background’ option can be found in the whitelisting preferences menu (your app name in menu bar -> preferences -> whitelisting). If you use Safari as your default browser, it will allow you to send non-compliant URLs to open in the background instead of overtaking what you were doing in Unite.

In Unite 4.0, it was bugged to always be on but should now behave appropriately.

Fixed a major user script issue that was breaking sites like SiriusXM and some Microsoft logins

While I initially believed this issue was being caused by the aforementioned whitelisting bug, it was in fact due to some of the scripting we did to enable the new ‘keychain’ function. Sites that were previously getting stuck on a ‘white’ loading screen should now work without issue.

Note: A number of customers contacted me saying that Microsoft Teams was not working because of this bug. This was true, however now that it has been fixed I can confirm that MS Teams is not compatible with Unite 4, or older versions of Unite, as Microsoft has made some pretty crazy requirements for it to run in Safari. We will see if this changes in the future.

Updated preferences menu with new design

Meant to do this in 4.0, sorry it didn’t make initial release. Now it’s here.

Fixed auto refresh feature, now excepts inputs greater than 999

The auto-refresh function can be found in Preferences -> Behavior.

Various other fixes.

Happy holidays!