Correction - [Action Required] Coherence X 3.3 with full M1 support is now available + an update on Unite M1 compatibility

This update can only be downloaded directly from and can not be autoupdated

Apologies - had the wrong download link in the first version of this message.

Hi there,

We are excited to be launching Coherence X 3.3 today, a major update with full support for M1 machines. It can be downloaded here or from

For this update only, you must download directly as opposed to in-app, as our previous Google hosted update feed link had its structure changed. We switched with this update to a much more predictable Amazon AWS feed link. You will not receive auto updates before updating to this version directly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We spent a good amount of time testing this update and we think it is working perfectly - however - please keep in mind there may be unforeseen issues. If you wish, you can download this update as a separate version of Coherence on your machine and first test it with new apps before updating existing ones.

As always, please back up Coherence apps before updating them to the latest version. Once you have updated to 3.3, go to Coherence in the menu bar -> App Updater -> and select any previously created apps. The vast majority of early tests have shown this update procedure to work successfully, however we want to air on the side of caution.

Back in March, we released Unite 4.1, and shortly after Unite These updates introduced M1 compatibility to Unite. However, we soon found a strange and difficult major bug: users who had previously used Unite 4 on Rosetta and then upgraded would often find their apps not successfully running in M1. Users on Intel and who are using Unite for the first time on M1 with 4.1 were unaffected.

Unite aimed to solve this issue, however incorrectly diagnosed the problem. It is highly recommended that if you are on Unite, you downgrade to Unite 4.1, whether you are on Intel or M1. There is no harm in continuing to use, but it has performance issues without any additional feature gain. You can downgrade here.

We believe we have gotten much closer to tracking the Unite M1 upgrade bug in the last two weeks, and I am hopeful we will have a fix before the end of the month. For now, users experiencing this bug can continue to use 4.0.4 in Rosetta.

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience. The M1 transition has been much more difficult than expected given the unique nature of Unite and Coherence, but we are happy that we seem close to having it solved.

We are excited to introduce the next major evolution in SSB tools around the end of May or beginning of June; stay tuned. (follow me on Twitter for sneak peaks and updates).

Thank you!


If you have any questions, please contact us directly at

If you aren’t a Coherence user or haven’t tried it, there’s a free trial available here. Users of Unite 3, Unite 4, Coherence Pro 2, and Aerate can get a discounted rate here.

What’s new in Coherence X 3.3:

Native support for M1. Coherence is now a universal binary

Backend improvements that should, amongst other things, reenable support for Choosy and other link forwarding apps

You can now deactivate and reactivate your license in app

This will also deactivate and reactivate created apps.

Various other bug fixes