Coherence X 3.2.1 is now available

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Hey everyone!

We had a pretty strong response to our first test of these update news letters, so we intend to continue them for the time being. Again, unsubscribing from this list will not unsubscribe you from the main list or vice versa.

On Monday, we released Coherence X 3.2.1, an update that mostly focuses on improvements to the creation tool. We intend to do more Coherence and Unite updates in the coming weeks.

You can get Coherence X 3.2.1 here, update in app, or get it from Setapp.

If you aren’t a Coherence user or haven’t tried it, there’s a free trial available here. Users of Unite 3, Unite 4, Coherence Pro 2, and Aerate can get a discounted rate here.

Lastly, if you wish to respond to this message, we are happy to hear from you! However, I revoke my comment from last time to push the comment button on the bottom of this email. Instead, please email us directly at

What’s new in Coherence X 3.2.1:

Fixed bug that would cause extensions not to load and not import

There was a major bug in the previous few versions of Coherence that caused an increasingly large number of users to be unable to import extensions and profiles, and would say something along the lines of ‘preferences error’. This is now fixed.

Fixed bug where edit mode would crash or not work

There was a bug in the most recent build of Coherence that broke metadata for the app drawer and also broke the edit function. It is now fixed.

Various other bug fixes

Happy new year!